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WALK takes us on a seemingly peaceful journey, but beneath the surface lies a chilling secret…

This captivating short film centers on Amelia Morten (played by new talent Chelsea Tobey), a woman who appears to be taking a leisurely stroll through the idyllic countryside. As she walks, the beauty of the natural surroundings fills the screen and creates a peaceful, serene mood. However, the film gradually reveals that Amelia is carrying a dark secret.

As the story unfolds, the tension builds as the audience begins to see glimpses of Amelia's true character. Despite the seemingly tranquil setting, her actions hint at something much more ominous. The film's skilful use of imagery and sound creates an atmosphere of dread that keeps the viewer engaged and on edge.

Throughout the film, the juxtaposition between the peaceful scenery and Amelia's actions adds to the sense of unease, creating an intriguing dichotomy. The contrast between the two creates a palpable tension that builds toward a shocking and unexpected finale.

WALK is a brilliantly executed short film that showcases Joe Murdie's skilful direction and highlights the impressive talent of its star, Chelsea Tobey. The film masterfully blends its peaceful setting with its chilling storyline, delivering a thrilling and thought-provoking viewing experience.

Winner of BEST AOTEAROA PROJECT 2023 at the 7th Vision Feast Film Festival

Walk: Drama short

Release date: March 2023

Director: Joe Murdie

Producer: Erin Murdie

Music Composition and Mx: Danny Fairley

Production co-ordinator: Anna McConville

Cinematographer: Joe Murdie

Cam-Assist: Henrik Balgradt

Editor: Joe Murdie

BEST AOTEAROA PICTURE - The Vision Feast Film Festival - 2023.png
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