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Down on his luck Private Investigator, Dick Chaser, takes on a case rife with deliciously dangerous consequences, only to discover he might just have a sweet tooth after all!


Staring: Wayne Pretty & Kirsty Schmutsch



A down on his luck private investigator, Dick Chaser (Wayne Pretty), takes us along for the ride on a case that is rife with deliciously dangerous consequences when he investigates the theft of pastries from a famous local French patisserie, Pembroke Patisserie.


When the following of the crumbs lead him across town, he is confronted by a decision that he wished to never make.

The Great Pastry Heist: Cinema Advert

Client: Pembroke Pâtisserie

Release date: July 2022

Director: Joe Murdie

Producer: Erin Murdie

Production co-ordinator: Anna McConville

Cinematographer: Joe Murdie

Editor: Joe Murdie

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