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Rākaihautū was the captain of the waka Uruaokapuarangi, and an ancestor of various iwi, most famously of Waitaha and other southern iwi, though he is also known in the traditions of Taitokerau, and even in those of Rarotonga.


In Māori traditions, once Rākaihautū landed Uruao at the top of the South Island, he moved southward and dug up many of the island's major lakes using a magical kō, filling them with food for his many descendants.


During the new years break, Joe was traveling from Nelson home to Wānaka passing many of the landmarks credited to Rākaihautū and that inspired this poem and short film.


Captured candidly while staying at various spots along the road home.

Rākaihautū: Drama short

Release date: January 2023

Director: Joe Murdie

Producer: Erin Murdie

Cinematographer: Joe Murdie

Editor: Joe Murdie

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