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In Aotearoa the sun stays up until late.


How can children possibly go to bed when Santa is coming and it's not even dark yet?


A beautiful journey into the stunningly crafted video which encapsulates what Christmas in New Zealand means to me and my family.


This music video was made possible with the help of NZ on Air.


CAST Anna van Riel Matilda and Oscar van Urquhart Lochlan Urquhart Michaela Cox Stella and Willow The Gorman Family Opa & Oma van Riel

Christmas in New Zealand: Music Video

Release date: November 2022

Director: Joe Murdie

Producer: Erin Murdie

Production co-ordinator: Anna McConville

Cinematographer: Joe Murdie

Cam-Assist: Ben McMahon

Editor: Joe Murdie

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